Swarovski Binoculars EL 8.5×42 Versus Nikon Binoculars 8×42 HG DCF

 Swarovski Binoculars EL 8.5×42 Versus Nikon Binoculars 8×42 HG DCF

When you get to high end binoculars they are all pretty good, they have to be to command the prices but there is always going to one pair of binoculars that stands out from  swarowski  the crowd and for me that is most definitely the Swarovski Binoculars. The EL 8.5×42’s are absolutely amazing, you pick them up and you hardly know that you have them in your hand, the weight and balance is superb. The 8×42 HG DCF Nikon Binoculars definitely feel heavier and yet they are the lighter of the two (795g vs 819g).

When you pick up a pair of Swarovski binoculars they just feel special even when they are among the elite of the elite. The Nikon High Grade feel good but there is a definite difference which makes Swarovski, for me, win hands down.

As you expect the optical quality of both the Nikon and the Swarovski binoculars is outstanding. The Swarovski EL’s have a slight advantage of an extra 0.5x magnification which gives them an additional edge. Both deliver a sharp image, the contrast of the Nikon’s is perhaps slightly better but the Swarovski binoculars, in my opinion, are the brightest and have the best resolution, although the resolution of the 8×42 HG DCF Nikon binoculars is close.

Some people prefer the colour retention of the Nik

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