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Members can post questions, comments or share projects and success stories. Visit eMastercam. For downloaded pdf please visit www. Chamfer Outside Profile. Create Circle Center Point. Create Fillets. Solid Extrude Create Body. Solid Extrude Cut Body. Constant Radius Fillet. One Distance Chamfer. Create Parallel Lines.

Create Tangent Arcs. Create Lines. Translate Geometry. Solid Revolve Create Body. Create Geometry in Front Plane. Create Rectangular Array. Solid Extrude Add Bosses. Constant Fillet Radius. Solid Sweep Cut Body. Make Changes to The Solid. Solid Shell. Curve All Edges. Offset Chains. Create Plane From Solid Face. Create Circles. Create Dynamic Plane. Create Polygons. Transform Translate. Set Solid Feature Color. Create Point Position. Create Surfaces. Create Plane From Geometry.

Trim Solid. Create Primitive Solid Sphere. Boolean Add. Modify Solid Face Color. Create Rectangles. Create an Arc in Front Plane. Create Solid Body Using Loft. Solid Loft Cut. Solid Extrude Cut. Move Solid to Another Level. Fillet All Edges.

Set Feature Color. The guidance could help engineers from a broad array of industries communicate to manufacturers, product For the past 18 months, two researchers have been experimenting with alloys used in liquid rocket Metal 3D printing is a high energy process in which it is possible for unmanaged By Admin.

April 28, Share This Article. Join over 90, engineering professionals who get fresh engineering news as soon as it is published. Join Now. We recommend using Windows 10 version 20H2 or later or later bit Professional editions. While Mastercam may run on other Windows editions such as Home Edition or virtual environments such as Parallels for Mac , it has not been tested on these configurations and is therefore not supported.

Mastercam was the last release to officially support Windows 7 as Microsoft ended extended support for the OS in January Mastercam will install on Windows 7 systems but will not be supported. Future versions of Mastercam will not install on Windows 7. The processor speed will impact how fast the software will calculate and complete tasks.

With each release, more and more aspects of Mastercam are becoming multi-core processor aware. Toolpath calculation and Simulation will generally run faster with a multi-core processor.

When Mastercam uses all available RAM, it switches to using virtual memory space, which is stored on the hard drive and will dramatically slow the system down.

We recommend a minimum of 8 GB of memory. When purchasing a new computer for Mastercam, one of the most important component is the video card. Other graphics cards can be used, but they must offer full OpenGL 3. OpenCL is required for Mastercam to be able to hand off certain computation tasks to the graphics card to increase system performance. We do not recommend or support the use of onboard graphics found with some PC configurations.

These do not generally have the capability to drive graphics intensive applications such as Mastercam and can lead to system instability. Make sure you are using up-to-date drivers from your card manufacturer. We often see issues that are resolved with updated video drivers. The driver version can have a great impact on how the card performs. We recommend using the automatic detect feature to detect which video card is installed.

More information on configuring the graphics card can be found at this Mastercam knowledge base article. Most of our internal systems utilize dual monitors and we find this to be a more productive setup.

Mastercam displays on the primary monitor while applications such as Mastercam Simulator, Code Expert, or Tool Manager display on the secondary monitor. Mastercam will run on lower resolution screens but beware of potential sizing issues with larger dialog boxes and panels which may be awkward to work with.


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Use the Planes Manager to display, create, edit, select, and manage planes and work offsets. ○. Levels Manager: Shows the levels in the current file. Use the. Note: To change units, you must do this in SOLIDWORKS. Mastercam Install 4. If you are using a NetHASP, you can change the SIM Type. Then select Done. Right mouse click in the graphics window and in the Mini Toolbar, change the Level number to 2 as shown. Press the Enter key on your keyboard. STEP


– Other Lessons to Consider


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Untitled — Mastercam change background color.

Create Horizontal and Parallel Lines.

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