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– How to Quickly Add Rows and Columns to a Table in Microsoft Word

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First, you need to select a row or column. The quickest way to select a row is to click the area right outside the first cell on the left. When you see the flipped pointer, you can click to select the entire row. Now, press Delete on your keyboard to get rid of the entire row. To select a column, move your mouse pointer above the first cell of any column. The pointer will change to a down arrow symbol. Now, click to select the entire column. If you have a table in your Word document, the ribbon menu allows you to see some additional options to add rows and columns.

You can access these options using the Layout tab in the ribbon menu up top. The only confusing part is that there are two tabs named Layout in the menu bar for some reason. You can also add columns quickly using the buttons given here.

Microsoft Word also allows you to delete rows and columns using the same ribbon menu. Another quick way to add rows and columns involves revealing the context menu in Microsoft Word tables. Removing rows and columns is pretty straightforward using the context menu. Alternatively, you can select a row or a column in your table and then hit the right-click button on your mouse. We select and review products independently.

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Microsoft word 2016 insert row in table free

The number of rows or columns is as the same as that of the rows or columns you selected at the very first. Share Now:. Submit feedback. Want to know more? Data shows how easy it is in Excel with this short tutorial on switching rows into columns. Double click on the new module to open the editing area.


Microsoft word 2016 insert row in table free.Add columns and rows to a table

To add rows, click Insert Above or Insert Below and to add columns, click Insert Left or Insert Right. The simplest way to add rows to your table is by placing the cursor in the cell at the bottom-right corner of your table and then pressing Tab.

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