2013 Spring Mini Sessions ○ Best Of – Round 1

I’ve been in an editing frenzy and managed to finish 5 AWESOME sessions. I couldn’t wait to share some of the results with y’all!!!

DSC00097 Antique Watermarked

dsc00041 B&W Watermarked DSC00155 Watermarked DSC00196  Watermarked DSC00165 Watermarked

DSC00332 Watermarked DSC00447 Watermarked

DSC00004 Watermarked DSC00059 Watermarked DSC00157 Watermarked DSC00209 Watermarked

DSC00104 Watermarked DSC00143 Watermarked DSC00161 Watermarked DSC00208 Watermarked DSC00367 B&W Watermarked

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