Spring 2013 Mini Sessions

What a whirlwind!!! 4 cities (I use the term “city” loosely lol) in 2 days makes for a pooped photographer! But a couple blisters on my feet and *fingers crossed* a few pounds lighter, and we got some incredible shots!!! As usual, however, I was so excited about the sessions I couldn’t wait to process an image (or two) from each one… I think you’ll be pleased with my impatience! 😉

There are too many fantastic stories behind these photos so I’ll sum them all up with this description: A huge bowl of love and happiness with an extra large helping of cute topped with heavy sprinkles of sweet results in the awesomeness to follow… Enjoy!

FYI: You can check out our Facebook for more details on each photo.

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DSC00241 Watermarked DSC00054 Watermarked DSC00761 B&W Watermarked DSC00429 Watermarked DSC00058 Watermarked DSC00038 Watermarked DSC00194 Watermarked DSC00094 Watermarked DSC00043 Watermarked DSC00170 Watermarked DSC00504 Watermarked DSC00229 Watermarked  DSC00211 Watermarked DSC00031 Watermarked  DSC00543 Watermarked

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