Once Upon a Time…

Behind every photo, there is a story… and the story behind THIS image is a one of the best of my life as a photographer!!!
As many of may know, I recently went on a little trip. While in NYC, at the iconic Grand Central Station (at 1am) we turned to the left, and it was right out of a story book! There stood the most adorable couple smack-dab in the middle of the arch K-I-S-S-I-N-G! And as if it had been commissioned just for me, not another soul in sight! Almost unheard of in Grand Central! I took a couple pics and almost died when I saw the preview in the back of the camera! THEN, my BFF said: “Let me have one of your cards” and took off running down the corridor towards the couple. Kindly, Lindsay (and her mystery guy – sorry I didn’t get your name!!!) gave me permission to use their photo.
But wait, there’s more!!! I was ELATED when, the very next day, I got a message from Lindsay telling me not only was it a special moment, it was the MOST special because it was their FIRST KISS!!! OMG *died again*
So, here you go! So excited to see where this new love leads (and hope maybe I’ll be privileged to capture more of your special moments in the future!!!)

NYC New York Manhattan Photographer Photography Brooklyn The Bronx Queens Photos Photo Pictures Pics Pix Love Kissing Grand Central Station Subway Photography
Grand Central Station NYC © Polka Dot Productions Photography 2013

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A chick with a camera set on the loose! Wedding, Engagement & Bridal photographer based in South Carolina. Available for travel and destination weddings in GA, NC & Beyond. Check back often for updates to our latest work and a little look "Behind the Dots"

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