Gladness & Phillip – Savannah, GA Wedding Photographer

AweSomeSauce! This word (ignore the fact that it is not “technically” a word) accurately describes this adorable couple and the experience of shooting their wedding! It was the inaugural shoot of the “Twin Team-Up” with Thomas Photographers, my “Twin” brother and we manged to NOT kill each other!!! That alone, we were pretty proud of! 🙂 lol But really, the wedding was beautiful and the couple was the reason it was so amazing! Despite a few glitches, which are to be expected with any wedding, Gladness was an absolute PLEASURE to work with! The fact that she is GORGEOUS was icing on the cake! Take a look at the pics… and don’t forget to check out Mikhail’s Blog for even more awesome pics!

DSC00008 WM DSC00022 WM DSC00077 WM DSC00098 WM DSC00111 WM DSC00155 WM DSC00259 WM DSC00262 WM
DSC00423 WMDSC00324 WM DSC00350 WM DSC00354 WM DSC00383 WM DSC00438 WM DSC00460 WM DSC00486 WM DSC00501 WM DSC00524 WM DSC00525 WM DSC00573 WM DSC00627 WM DSC00643 WM DSC00758 WM

Savannah, Ga Wedding Photographer

Published by Kathryn

A chick with a camera set on the loose! Wedding, Engagement & Bridal photographer based in South Carolina. Available for travel and destination weddings in GA, NC & Beyond. Check back often for updates to our latest work and a little look "Behind the Dots"

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