#ThrowbackThursday – Augusta, GA & Columbia, SC Wedding & Newborn Photographer

Then and Now

Prepare yourself for a lengthy, slightly sappy, mostly postitive post! 🙂 Due to a major blonde moment yesterday, I accidentally deleted ALL photos from my website and blog! What genius move for a photographer, right?!?!? However, WordPress quickly came to my rescue and in less than 24 hours had all my photos restored to their rightful places! On the bright side, it gave me the opportunity to look back at all my photos from my very first paid gig in 2011 until my most recent ones! While I’m still quite proud of those first images, considering what I knew at the time, I am very pleased with how far I’ve come!!! I have had the privilege of shadowing, second shooting for and learning from some of the best in the business! 2016 will bring even more advancement! I got an amazing opportunity to participate in a group mentoring session with the über incredible DFinney Photography!!! I am too psyched! In addition, I have been offered and/or asked for (never hurts to ask) a shot at second shooting for some more fantastic wedding photogs in the coming year! My brain is open and my camera is ready! Let’s go, #PDP2016!!!

I’ve Learned…

Since 2011 I’ve gained a voice! If I could tell my 2011 self one thing it would be: Don’t second guess your ability! I have learned how important it is to take control of my JOB and direct folks because it is for their own good in the long run! My friends tend to say I have no problem voicing my opinion, at times a little too much! 😉 What’s funny is that it was the opposite with photography! I would rapidly crumble under the pressures of time or grumbling participants.”Oh, you don’t want to do that? Okay. Oh, you didn’t give yourself enough time to get ready? Okay. Moving on…” Now, I know what I was hired to capture and I know that can only be done if I stick to my guns, all but ignoring the posing directions of 3rd auntie twice removed who is a “photographer” or the requests of great-grandma to hold a pose while she figures out how to turn her brand new tablet on or my personal favorite: “Can you just come over here and take a photo of my family for our xmas card?“- Some random relative… Yes, that really happened! No, I’m not trying to be snarky! Here’s the deal: you hired me because you liked my work. Now, let me work! 🙂 We typically we have limited time to capture all the poses that the BRIDE has hired us to photograph! It may not seem like it in the moment, but I still try to be nice about it! 😉

Then and now bride

Or in the case of newborn sessions: I give specific instructions to the new mommy well in advance of the session and now, don’t waiver. Yes, I know we’re all sweating! Yes, I know its uncomfortable. However, do you see how soundly little Jane is snoozing? It’s because I spoke up about what I needed to be able to achieve the poses we’re both hoping for! You’re welcome! 😉
And on that note, I have to give credit where credit is due! A Creative Live course by Kelly Brown changed. my. life! Any aspiring newborn photographers, stop what you’re doing and purchase that course! Then, watch it… multiple times!

Then and now Newborn

Then, there’s the equipment! My, oh my, how far I’ve come! I’m pretty sure I shot my first few sessions on “full-auto” and jpeg only! Did I mention I was terrified of Lightroom? Oh, and that flash I so adored! Only because I thought that was my only option in med-low light, even with a newborn! Goodness gracious, bless my heart!

Ah… Nostalgia…

I really appreciate each GORGEOUS client who believed in me enough to give me a chance to learn and grown while photographing you and your families! While part of me wishes I could have done a better job for you all along the way, I couldn’t have become the photographer I am today without you! So, thank you! Stay tuned for 2016 and all the awesomesauce things to come! I already have two weddings booked and meeting my 3rd bride on Sunday to sign the contract! Also, I’ve had a number of inquires for dates throughout the year! Interested? Don’t delay! I have limited dates available (since I still have to work a “day job” too ;-))! I can’t even explain how grateful I am for these opportunities! Let’s keep it rolling in 2016! Contact me to book your wedding, maternity or newborn photography! Even if you live outside SC or GA, let’s talk!

then and now 2

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