One Day… GA, SC & Destination Wedding Photographer

One Day… I will book enough weddings & sessions to be able to afford a web designer! I. Hate. Technology! Hit rewind to roughly 14 years ago and I had some “brilliant” idea that I was going to be a Graphic Artist, which involved a good bit of website editing and design. Fortunately for me, my future and my sanity, the school I was attending suddenly dropped the Graphic Design program, lol!

That “one day” ain’t today and on the tails of my snafu yesterday, deleting all the images on my website and blog, and the resulting baldness, I was just about through with technology in general! I recently started redesigning my website and that project was long past due! After roughly 5 hours of staring at my computer screen this evening I *think* I FINALLY got my brand spanking new website ready for your eyes! πŸ™‚ So… scroll to the top, click “Home” and take a look around! πŸ™‚ The “Portfolio” Section got a HUGE face lift, including my most recent work and some other fun stuff!

One more thing: I have a hefty goal set for myself to boost my FACEBOOK Page to 1,000 LIKES before January 1! Could you help me out? Head over to the page by clicking HERE and LIKE the page, then share with your friends! thanks!!!!! Oh, and if you’re feeling really generous, FOLLOW me on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM! πŸ™‚

The following photo is completely unrelated but it takes me to my happy place and I really NEED to be in my happy place right now, lol!!!

BK The One

Published by Kathryn

A chick with a camera set on the loose! Wedding, Engagement & Bridal photographer based in South Carolina. Available for travel and destination weddings in GA, NC & Beyond. Check back often for updates to our latest work and a little look "Behind the Dots"

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