NYC & The Blonde – Destination Wedding Photographer

A few years ago, at the ripe old age of 28, I dyed my hair for the first time in my life… and maybe the last, lol! Anyway, while I’m naturally a “dirty blonde”, for a brief year, I was a redhead. A friend of mine told me “you can take the blonde out of the hair but not the brain” and I made it my mission to live up to that statement, lol! I have since returned my hair to its natural state to match my brain waves. 🙂

On a recent quick trip to my favorite city, New York, the blonde inside reared its slow little head! Because I still work a 9-5 (hint hint… book me so I can make photography my 9-5! ;-)) I had to run around in a mad fury to get packed for my whirlwind weekend trip to NYC in less than an hour! I meticulously checked off each item on my packing list. Camera – check! Lens – Check! Battery – Check! Backup Battery – Check! Charger – Check! We’re ready to go!

After a decent flight, despite a delay in Philly, we arrived and spent the 1st 24 hours upstate NY. Finally arriving in Brooklyn Friday night, we hit the sack and come Saturday morning, I was beyond ready to greet the streets of MY city! The brisk cool air was a refreshing change of pace from the 80 degree December days we’ve had down south! One deep, cleansing breath when my face hit the chill and we were off! The clouds were billowing oh-so-perfectly above the Brooklyn Bridge and our vantage point from the Manhattan Bridge was almost enough to make you faint! A bright yellow water taxi coming towards us and a fire engine red boat heading the opposite direction made for a photographer’s dream shot! Add to that the brilliantly cut hole some law-breaker who came before us had carved in the chain link fence at the ideal spot for the most glorious shot!  I grabbed my camera, turned it on, framed my city so beautifully and *CLICK*… *crickets*… Nothing happens… I look down and realize I forgot the most important part: a memory card! I almost cried!

Between my phone and GoPro, I managed to get some semi-satisfactory shots. We still had a fantastic time! NYC never disappoints and we ate our way through most of Brooklyn and a piece of Manhattan in less than 36 hours! From my first experience of Junior’s famous cheesecake (it was worth it) to my staple favorite, BBQ’s. With a full belly & a smile on my face, we made our way back down south. Until next time, Brooklyn… Until next time….

I am a primarily natural light photographer specializing in unique wedding, engagement and newborn photography based in Columbia, SC, USA. I also photograph weddings and engagements in GA, NC and NY. I am available for travel or destination wedding photos anywhere in the world. I offer unique wedding pictures that break the mold of your typical posed photos for you, the bride and groom, as well as your family photos and entire wedding party images. I offer a fun wedding photo experience with you and your bridesmaids and groomsmen! From “I said yes” to “I do”, I’m your go-to-girl for all your wedding photography needs anywhere from Brooklyn to the Bay Area! Let’s talk!

Published by Kathryn

A chick with a camera set on the loose! Wedding, Engagement & Bridal photographer based in South Carolina. Available for travel and destination weddings in GA, NC & Beyond. Check back often for updates to our latest work and a little look "Behind the Dots"

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