Kierra ♥ Titus – Augusta, GA Engagement Photographer

Every time I book a wedding strictly via email, I’m always on the edge of my seat when I finally get to meet the bride & groom. Will they like me? Will they be cute? Will we get along? Should I have insisted we meet in person before booking??? Well, in the case of Kierra and Titus, when she walked through the door for our contract meeting I let out a huge sigh of relief thinking to myself: *Whew* She’s adorable! lol

DSC00106 WM.jpg

That is precisely why I include a complimentary engagement session with each booked wedding package. It gives me a chance to really get to know the couple and for the couple to get to know just how crazy I am! 🙂 Most of the time, the wifey-to-be is crazy excited for the pictures and the hubby-to-be is there only because his beautiful future wife is making him! Titus falls into that category!

See, she even had to physically make him smile!

Kierra + Titus

But just a few minutes in and he was making Kierra laugh for perfectly unposed moments that turned into some pretty gorgeous pictures!

I can’t wait to photograph these high school sweethearts’ wedding in July! Its sure to be a beautiful and fun day!

Also, Titus is a bit of an overachiever! HAHA! I asked him to lift Kierra up and wow! did he deliver! lol Titus, always lift her up this high and you’re guaranteed a lifetime of blissful happiness! 😉


Published by Kathryn

A chick with a camera set on the loose! Wedding, Engagement & Bridal photographer based in South Carolina. Available for travel and destination weddings in GA, NC & Beyond. Check back often for updates to our latest work and a little look "Behind the Dots"

3 thoughts on “Kierra ♥ Titus – Augusta, GA Engagement Photographer

  1. I love every pic here….My cousin is an awesome person and his wife has to be pretty dope to get tit to take these pics…Lol…I’m extremely happy for them both and to gain a new cousin…Kièrra is very beautiful and smart..And I’m glad and excited he made Kierra part of the Moss clan…Congratulations cousins….I love u both!!

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