Sheila ♥ Jeff • Greeneville, SC Wedding Photographer

Sheila ♥ Jeff -212

When Sheila contacted me via email, we clicked instantly over a shot in the dark Parks & Rec quote! She is an absolute darling inside and out and I could sense it through the words that came across my screen! That was confirmed to be a fact after we finally met in person on her wedding day!

I’m desperately overdue in posting, I know! I’ll explain in a future post. Back in October, 2017 Sheila married a gem of a man (everyone said so) and she choose us to capture the best day of her life. We couldn’t be more pleased to have shared in the love that permeated the whole mountainside that day!

Sheila ♥ Jeff -102 Sheila ♥ Jeff -51

The immense thought that Sheila and her team (Events with Shelley) put into each and every detail was… lovely. I just can’t find a better adjective at the moment! Her stunning, lace tea length gown was her grandmothers’s nearly 50 year old wedding dress! Like, seriously?!?!? Those purple shoes too! OMG! It doesn’t get more precious than that!

Sheila ♥ Jeff -90 Sheila ♥ Jeff -83

Wait… Actually, it does. She hand crocheted every. single. bouquet, boutonniere and table decoration! When she told me she was going to do that, I flipped! Add a rose-gold ring with a non-traditional stone to this unique mix and I was enthralled!

Sheila ♥ Jeff -150 Sheila ♥ Jeff -154


The joy that radiated from Sheila, Jeff and their entire funky bunch was simply captivating!

Sheila ♥ Jeff -339

The reception was so much fun! Did I mention they had a doughnut “cake”? They danced long into the night with smiles so bright they barely needed lights!

Working with you was pure bliss! I wish you guys an eternity of happiness! ❤

Event Coordinator: Events with Shelley
Event Venue: Viewpoint at Buckhorn Creek

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