Affinity Designer Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Windows and Mac

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Invert Ctrl I. Move to front Ctrl Shift ]. Move forward one Ctrl ]. Move to back Ctrl Shift [. Move back one Ctrl [. New layer Ctrl Shift N. Merge down Ctrl E. Merge selected Ctrl Shift E. Merge visible Ctrl Shift Alt E. Toggle between frequency separation layers F. Edit live projection Ctrl Alt P. Tighten Alt Left. Loosen Alt Right. Tighten more Alt Shift Left. Loosen more Alt Shift Right.

Bold Ctrl B. Italic Ctrl I. Underline Ctrl U. Show character Ctrl T. Show typography Ctrl Shift T. Subscript Ctrl Alt -. Align left Ctrl Alt L. Align right Ctrl Alt R. Align center Ctrl Alt C. Increase paragraph leading Alt Down. Decrease paragraph leading Alt Up. Precise paragraph increase leading Ctrl Shift Up. Precise paragraph decrease leading Ctrl Shift Down. Raise baseline Alt Shift Up. Lower baseline Alt Shift Down. Precise raise baseline Ctrl Alt Shift Up. Precise lower baseline Ctrl Alt Shift Down.

Special characters Ctrl Alt Space. Line break Ctrl Enter. Non-breaking space Alt Space. En dash Alt -. Em dash Alt Shift -. Spelling options Ctrl Shift ;. Zoom out Ctrl -. Zoom to fit Ctrl 0. Zoom to actual size Ctrl 8. Zoom to pixel size Ctrl 9. Hot key panning Space. Hot key zoom in Ctrl Space.

Switch between views Ctrl Tab. Show rulers Ctrl R. Show guides Ctrl ;. Show grid Ctrl ‘. Select all Ctrl A. Deselect Ctrl D. Invert pixel selection Ctrl Shift I. Add to selection marquee or free hand selection tools only Ctrl. Remove from selection Alt. Grow or shrink Ctrl B. Feather Shift F6. Refine edges Ctrl Alt R. Move selection in 1 pixel increments arrows. Move selection in 10 pixel increments Shift arrows.

Quick mask Q. Invert mask Ctrl I. Show or hide studio panels Ctrl Shift H. Show or hide toolbar Ctrl Alt T. Toggle UI Tab. Hide workspace Ctrl H. Levels adjustment Ctrl L. HSL adjustment Ctrl U. Invert adjustment Ctrl I. Curves adjustment Ctrl M. Black and white adjustment Ctrl Shift Alt B.

Repeat filter Ctrl F. Mask all Ctrl D. Clear mask Ctrl A. Preferences Ctrl ,. Liquify persona Ctrl Alt L. If you already own these Affinity apps, then the updates can be downloaded free of charge on the Mac or iOS App Store. Affinity desktop apps can also be purchased directly from Serif , and Windows versions are available as well.

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:. Jeff produces videos, walkthroughs, how-tos, written tutorials and reviews. He takes pride in being able to explain things in a simple, clear and concise manner. February 26, Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher updated to version 1. IDML support in Publisher 1. Combine multiple Affinity Publisher documents together into a single file, with smart merge of master pages, text styles, table of contents and indexes.

Excel xlsx file import to instantly bring in tables of data from spreadsheets. Many other improvements and fixes, including PDF export being up to five times faster than before. Affinity Photo and Designer on iPad get the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts, in the same way as you can on Windows and Mac.

Affinity Photo now has full compatibility with the latest Nik Collection plug-ins, following a collaboration between Affinity developers and Nik owner DxO. For a full granular list of changes, be are to see the version histories on the App Store.



Downloadable Affinity keyboard shortcut cheat sheets – Affinity Spotlight


Although Adobe Illustrator remains the industry favorite for vector-based design, Affinity Affinity designer ipad keyboard shortcuts free has proven itself to be a capable alternative.

Made by British developer Serif, it doesn’t have the depth or the power of Illustrator, but it’s a comprehensive package all the same. And, affinity designer ipad keyboard shortcuts free course, it costs a fraction of the price—a lifetime license costs less than some of Adobe’s monthly subscriptions. If you do decide to make the leap to Affinity Designer, you’ll find at least some keyboard shortcuts are the same or similar to those in Illustrator.

But there are differences too, including some Illustrator features that Designer doesn’t have an equivalent for. With this handy guide to Affinity Designer’s keyboard shortcuts, you can лично download windows 10 upgrade file ответ your way around your new design software in no time. You will have to complete a short form to access it for the first time only. Serif doesn’t only make vector design keyboarr.

It also offers Affinity Photo, a decent and keenly priced alternative to Adobe Photoshop. If you want a full suite of design apps, this is probably one of the most affordable fres to get it. Combining Designer, Photo, and Publisher, you should be able to do autodesk revit 2019 free much anything you want.

And using the shortcuts in our cheat sheet, it shouldn’t be too difficult either.


Useful Keyboard Shortcuts (Affinity Photo) – iPad Screenshots

Sign in View Profile Sign out. Overlay paint tool B. Retouch tools cycle J. HSL adjustment Ctrl U. Edited April 17 by garethlewis. And, of course, it costs a fraction of the price—a lifetime license costs less than some of Adobe’s monthly subscriptions. Forestfriend Posted January 15,

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