Girl Behind the Dots

I love all the places…
I eat all the things…

“Zany” is defined as: “amusingly unconventional and idiosyncratic”. If any one adjective could more accurately describe me, I haven’t found it yet! Some details might be helpful so here it goes…
Kathryn is my “real” name, but most people call me Beth (or Beff).
Things I’m in love with:
♥ my family – by nature & by choice
♥ lace, coffee & the color pink
♥ languages & leaving on a jet planes
♥ polka dots & delicious things
♥ beautiful people in love & laughter that starts in the heart
♥ my job.

As a wedding photographer, I know my craft but don’t get so caught up in the camera that I forget the most important part: the people in front of my lens! You are the most important part of an image so my top priority is making you comfortable to make sure that your best “you” shows in the images!

Let’s chat and see if I’m the right fit to capture your beautiful, one of a kind wedding photos! Get some more info on my wedding photography packages & lets talk!

One thought on “Girl Behind the Dots

  1. She photographed my engagement session. Bridal and wedding day! Absolutely love her. She gave me everything i could ask for and much much more!! Made me feel so comfortable and beautiful in all my pictures!

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