Sheila ♥ Jeff • Greeneville, SC Wedding Photographer

When Sheila contacted me via email, we clicked instantly over a shot in the dark Parks & Rec quote! She is an absolute darling inside and out and I could sense it through the words that came across my screen! That was confirmed to be a fact after we finally met in person on herContinue reading “Sheila ♥ Jeff • Greeneville, SC Wedding Photographer”

1,000 Likes! – Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer

Hey y’all!!! Guess what??? We’ve hit the big time! The Facebook big time, that is! Well, that may be a slight exaggeration. We’re excited just the same! Nowadays, wedding photographers seem to be a dime a dozen! For those of us who are trying to operate a legitimate business (paying taxes, insurance, etc.), it canContinue reading “1,000 Likes! – Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer”

Shannon ♥ Hunter – Augusta, GA Wedding Photographer

Shannon & Hunter’s autumn wedding day started with clouds and rain but ended with love and happiness! The venue, Enterprise Mill‘s, quick thinking and acting moved the outdoor ceremony inside it and was beautiful! From the little touches, like a reserved seat for the bride’s grandmother who passed shortly before the wedding to the beautifulContinue reading “Shannon ♥ Hunter – Augusta, GA Wedding Photographer”

Shannon ♥ – Augusta, GA Wedding Photographer

Shannon started her bridal photo session with saying “no fat pics”. Well, darling, I’ll tell you now that “fat pics” are impossible with you because 1. you are not fat and 2. you’re simply stunning! I think you’ll agree when you see her in all her white gown glory! She looked equally stunning on herContinue reading “Shannon ♥ – Augusta, GA Wedding Photographer”

Kierra ♥ Titus – Augusta, GA Wedding Photographer

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a bride so chill in the hours leading up to her ceremony! Kierra & her girls were just hanging out in the conference room of the Savannah Rapids Pavilion and if it weren’t for the ear-to-ear smiles, you would have thought it was just another Saturday. When sheContinue reading “Kierra ♥ Titus – Augusta, GA Wedding Photographer”

Carroll ♥ Carlos – Tennessee Wedding Photographer

I simply adore these people! I got the privilege to meet the Wesson-Foster families back just about a year ago at their gorgeous, intimate wedding ceremony in Augusta, GA. (Click here to see photos from that beautiful day.) When you have such a lovely day as that, one might think it would be hard toContinue reading “Carroll ♥ Carlos – Tennessee Wedding Photographer”

Kierra ♥ Titus – Augusta, GA Engagement Photographer

Every time I book a wedding strictly via email, I’m always on the edge of my seat when I finally get to meet the bride & groom. Will they like me? Will they be cute? Will we get along? Should I have insisted we meet in person before booking??? Well, in the case of KierraContinue reading “Kierra ♥ Titus – Augusta, GA Engagement Photographer”

Chances – SC & GA Senior Fashion Photographer

After recently redesigning and reviewing my website I have found a number of sessions that took place before I started blogging! 😦 Chance’s gorgeous face was one of the few that you all missed out on seeing… An unforgivable offense! Fortunately, we can now resolve this! Chances & her family are now serving as volunteerContinue reading “Chances – SC & GA Senior Fashion Photographer”

NYC & The Blonde – Destination Wedding Photographer

A few years ago, at the ripe old age of 28, I dyed my hair for the first time in my life… and maybe the last, lol! Anyway, while I’m naturally a “dirty blonde”, for a brief year, I was a redhead. A friend of mine told me “you can take the blonde out ofContinue reading “NYC & The Blonde – Destination Wedding Photographer”

One Day… GA, SC & Destination Wedding Photographer

One Day… I will book enough weddings & sessions to be able to afford a web designer! I. Hate. Technology! Hit rewind to roughly 14 years ago and I had some “brilliant” idea that I was going to be a Graphic Artist, which involved a good bit of website editing and design. Fortunately for me,Continue reading “One Day… GA, SC & Destination Wedding Photographer”