Sheila ♥ Jeff • Greeneville, SC Wedding Photographer

Sheila ♥ Jeff -212

When Sheila contacted me via email, we clicked instantly over a shot in the dark Parks & Rec quote! She is an absolute darling inside and out and I could sense it through the words that came across my screen! That was confirmed to be a fact after we finally met in person on her wedding day!

I’m desperately overdue in posting, I know! I’ll explain in a future post. Back in October, 2017 Sheila married a gem of a man (everyone said so) and she choose us to capture the best day of her life. We couldn’t be more pleased to have shared in the love that permeated the whole mountainside that day!

Sheila ♥ Jeff -102 Sheila ♥ Jeff -51

The immense thought that Sheila and her team (Events with Shelley) put into each and every detail was… lovely. I just can’t find a better adjective at the moment! Her stunning, lace tea length gown was her grandmothers’s nearly 50 year old wedding dress! Like, seriously?!?!? Those purple shoes too! OMG! It doesn’t get more precious than that!

Sheila ♥ Jeff -90 Sheila ♥ Jeff -83

Wait… Actually, it does. She hand crocheted every. single. bouquet, boutonniere and table decoration! When she told me she was going to do that, I flipped! Add a rose-gold ring with a non-traditional stone to this unique mix and I was enthralled!

Sheila ♥ Jeff -150 Sheila ♥ Jeff -154


The joy that radiated from Sheila, Jeff and their entire funky bunch was simply captivating!

Sheila ♥ Jeff -339

The reception was so much fun! Did I mention they had a doughnut “cake”? They danced long into the night with smiles so bright they barely needed lights!

Working with you was pure bliss! I wish you guys an eternity of happiness! ❤

Event Coordinator: Events with Shelley
Event Venue: Viewpoint at Buckhorn Creek

1,000 Likes! – Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer

Hey y’all!!! Guess what??? We’ve hit the big time! The Facebook big time, that is! Well, that may be a slight exaggeration. We’re excited just the same!

Nowadays, wedding photographers seem to be a dime a dozen! For those of us who are trying to operate a legitimate business (paying taxes, insurance, etc.), it can get frustrating! We’ve been photographing weddings in SC & GA since 2011. It took us 7 years to get to 1,000 likes! We’re darn proud of the quality wedding photos we now produce!

To celebrate, we’re offering an incredible deal for brides in South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina & beyond! Think, anywhere in the world! If you book Polka Dot Productions Photography for your wedding photos before July 31, 2017 you can save as much as $750 on some seriously feature-filled packages!

Affordable wedding photography package in Columbia, SC or Destination

Shannon ♥ Hunter – Augusta, GA Wedding Photographer

Shannon & Hunter’s autumn wedding day started with clouds and rain but ended with love and happiness! The venue, Enterprise Mill‘s, quick thinking and acting moved the outdoor ceremony inside it and was beautiful! From the little touches, like a reserved seat for the bride’s grandmother who passed shortly before the wedding to the beautiful hair and makeup by Edge Salon and the gorgeous flowers by The Bloom Closet, every detail added up to a perfect day!

Shannon ♥ – Augusta, GA Wedding Photographer

Shannon started her bridal photo session with saying “no fat pics”. Well, darling, I’ll tell you now that “fat pics” are impossible with you because 1. you are not fat and 2. you’re simply stunning! I think you’ll agree when you see her in all her white gown glory! She looked equally stunning on her wedding day last Sunday. Stay tuned for some incredible photos!!!

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Kierra ♥ Titus – Augusta, GA Wedding Photographer

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a bride so chill in the hours leading up to her ceremony! Kierra & her girls were just hanging out in the conference room of the Savannah Rapids Pavilion and if it weren’t for the ear-to-ear smiles, you would have thought it was just another Saturday.

When she stepped into that glorious lace, she had the confidence that you knew she was so sure of the decision she was about to make.

Congrats, Kierra & Titus! We wish you an eternity of happiness!
PS you may remember them from their engagement session!

Carroll ♥ Carlos – Tennessee Wedding Photographer

I simply adore these people! I got the privilege to meet the Wesson-Foster families back just about a year ago at their gorgeous, intimate wedding ceremony in Augusta, GA. (Click here to see photos from that beautiful day.)

When you have such a lovely day as that, one might think it would be hard to top… Well, they did it! See for yourself!!!

Don’t you just LOVE how much Carroll laughs?!?!? Also, a huge congrats to these beautiful people on the birth of their brand new baby boy! ♥

Big Shout Out to Perfect Moments for planning this Fab event to the last detail!

Kierra ♥ Titus – Augusta, GA Engagement Photographer

Every time I book a wedding strictly via email, I’m always on the edge of my seat when I finally get to meet the bride & groom. Will they like me? Will they be cute? Will we get along? Should I have insisted we meet in person before booking??? Well, in the case of Kierra and Titus, when she walked through the door for our contract meeting I let out a huge sigh of relief thinking to myself: *Whew* She’s adorable! lol

DSC00106 WM.jpg

That is precisely why I include a complimentary engagement session with each booked wedding package. It gives me a chance to really get to know the couple and for the couple to get to know just how crazy I am! 🙂 Most of the time, the wifey-to-be is crazy excited for the pictures and the hubby-to-be is there only because his beautiful future wife is making him! Titus falls into that category!

See, she even had to physically make him smile!

Kierra + Titus

But just a few minutes in and he was making Kierra laugh for perfectly unposed moments that turned into some pretty gorgeous pictures!

I can’t wait to photograph these high school sweethearts’ wedding in July! Its sure to be a beautiful and fun day!

Also, Titus is a bit of an overachiever! HAHA! I asked him to lift Kierra up and wow! did he deliver! lol Titus, always lift her up this high and you’re guaranteed a lifetime of blissful happiness! 😉


Chances – SC & GA Senior Fashion Photographer

After recently redesigning and reviewing my website I have found a number of sessions that took place before I started blogging! 😦 Chance’s gorgeous face was one of the few that you all missed out on seeing… An unforgivable offense! Fortunately, we can now resolve this! Chances & her family are now serving as volunteer ministers in Ecuador! So, as you can tell, since graduation she’s really making the most of her youth!

PS she’s also a little bit gorgeous!

NYC & The Blonde – Destination Wedding Photographer

A few years ago, at the ripe old age of 28, I dyed my hair for the first time in my life… and maybe the last, lol! Anyway, while I’m naturally a “dirty blonde”, for a brief year, I was a redhead. A friend of mine told me “you can take the blonde out of the hair but not the brain” and I made it my mission to live up to that statement, lol! I have since returned my hair to its natural state to match my brain waves. 🙂

On a recent quick trip to my favorite city, New York, the blonde inside reared its slow little head! Because I still work a 9-5 (hint hint… book me so I can make photography my 9-5! ;-)) I had to run around in a mad fury to get packed for my whirlwind weekend trip to NYC in less than an hour! I meticulously checked off each item on my packing list. Camera – check! Lens – Check! Battery – Check! Backup Battery – Check! Charger – Check! We’re ready to go!

After a decent flight, despite a delay in Philly, we arrived and spent the 1st 24 hours upstate NY. Finally arriving in Brooklyn Friday night, we hit the sack and come Saturday morning, I was beyond ready to greet the streets of MY city! The brisk cool air was a refreshing change of pace from the 80 degree December days we’ve had down south! One deep, cleansing breath when my face hit the chill and we were off! The clouds were billowing oh-so-perfectly above the Brooklyn Bridge and our vantage point from the Manhattan Bridge was almost enough to make you faint! A bright yellow water taxi coming towards us and a fire engine red boat heading the opposite direction made for a photographer’s dream shot! Add to that the brilliantly cut hole some law-breaker who came before us had carved in the chain link fence at the ideal spot for the most glorious shot!  I grabbed my camera, turned it on, framed my city so beautifully and *CLICK*… *crickets*… Nothing happens… I look down and realize I forgot the most important part: a memory card! I almost cried!

Between my phone and GoPro, I managed to get some semi-satisfactory shots. We still had a fantastic time! NYC never disappoints and we ate our way through most of Brooklyn and a piece of Manhattan in less than 36 hours! From my first experience of Junior’s famous cheesecake (it was worth it) to my staple favorite, BBQ’s. With a full belly & a smile on my face, we made our way back down south. Until next time, Brooklyn… Until next time….

I am a primarily natural light photographer specializing in unique wedding, engagement and newborn photography based in Columbia, SC, USA. I also photograph weddings and engagements in GA, NC and NY. I am available for travel or destination wedding photos anywhere in the world. I offer unique wedding pictures that break the mold of your typical posed photos for you, the bride and groom, as well as your family photos and entire wedding party images. I offer a fun wedding photo experience with you and your bridesmaids and groomsmen! From “I said yes” to “I do”, I’m your go-to-girl for all your wedding photography needs anywhere from Brooklyn to the Bay Area! Let’s talk!

One Day… GA, SC & Destination Wedding Photographer

One Day… I will book enough weddings & sessions to be able to afford a web designer! I. Hate. Technology! Hit rewind to roughly 14 years ago and I had some “brilliant” idea that I was going to be a Graphic Artist, which involved a good bit of website editing and design. Fortunately for me, my future and my sanity, the school I was attending suddenly dropped the Graphic Design program, lol!

That “one day” ain’t today and on the tails of my snafu yesterday, deleting all the images on my website and blog, and the resulting baldness, I was just about through with technology in general! I recently started redesigning my website and that project was long past due! After roughly 5 hours of staring at my computer screen this evening I *think* I FINALLY got my brand spanking new website ready for your eyes! 🙂 So… scroll to the top, click “Home” and take a look around! 🙂 The “Portfolio” Section got a HUGE face lift, including my most recent work and some other fun stuff!

One more thing: I have a hefty goal set for myself to boost my FACEBOOK Page to 1,000 LIKES before January 1! Could you help me out? Head over to the page by clicking HERE and LIKE the page, then share with your friends! thanks!!!!! Oh, and if you’re feeling really generous, FOLLOW me on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM! 🙂

The following photo is completely unrelated but it takes me to my happy place and I really NEED to be in my happy place right now, lol!!!

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