Jasmine – Augusta, GA Portrait Photographer

Practice makes perfect! With a senior shoot on the horizon, I wanted to try a few new techniques and my, aspiring model, co-worker obliged! I’ve been telling her she needs to try out for America’s Next Top Model for a couple years. She has some serious potential… Wouldn’t you agree?
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Gladness & Phillip – Savannah, GA Wedding Photographer

AweSomeSauce! This word (ignore the fact that it is not “technically” a word) accurately describes this adorable couple and the experience of shooting their wedding! It was the inaugural shoot of the “Twin Team-Up” with Thomas Photographers, my “Twin” brother and we manged to NOT kill each other!!! That alone, we were pretty proud of! 🙂 lol But really, the wedding was beautiful and the couple was the reason it was so amazing! Despite a few glitches, which are to be expected with any wedding, Gladness was an absolute PLEASURE to work with! The fact that she is GORGEOUS was icing on the cake! Take a look at the pics… and don’t forget to check out Mikhail’s Blog for even more awesome pics!

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Savannah, Ga Wedding Photographer

New York in a Nutshell

My #1 favorite city is New York. For someone like me with a touch of ADD, its perfect! I NEVER get bored – a TOTAL photographer’s DREAM!!! It really is the city that never sleeps! Here is a little taste of my latest NYC adventure! Can’t wait to come back “home” in October for some Mini Shoots! Interested? Contact me to book your session!!! http://www.facebook.com/polkadotpics

NYC through the eyes of my belly!!!
NYC through the eyes of my belly!!!
One of the best things about NYC --- The breathtaking views! Plus, the weather was BEYOND perfect!!!
One of the best things about NYC — The breathtaking views! Plus, the weather was BEYOND perfect!!!
New Friends and Old... Plus a few random New Yorkers
New Friends and Old… Plus a few random New Yorkers
Manhattan Skyline at Sunset
Manhattan Skyline at Sunset
Brooklyn Heights by the Hudson River at Night, in the Rain
Brooklyn Heights by the Hudson River at Night, in the Rain
A true photographer will go to any lengths (or heights) to get a great shot!
A true photographer will go to any lengths (or heights) to get a great shot!
Can't go to NYC without seeing a few weirdos lol
No trip to the city is complete without encountering a few weirdos! To the two guys in these pics I simply say: Thank You! 🙂

2013 Spring Mini Sessions ○ Best of – Round 2

Finally gotten back to the business of editing after a long hiatus and a LONG overdue trip (photos to come – stay tuned!). So, here are some more favorites from the Spring Mini Sessions.
However tedious and time-consuming (at least 2 hours per session – 12 sessions total) editing may be, when I see the results I always smile! Hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed working with each family!
Be sure to swing back through later there is more to come… Until then, if you liked what you saw here, you can see the rest by going HERE

DSC00194 Watermarked DSC00161 Watermarked DSC00137 Watermarked DSC00094 Watermarked DSC00070 Watermarked DSC00060 Watermarked

DSC00642 Watermarked DSC00509 Watermarked DSC00524 Watermarked DSC00440 Watermarked

DSC00275 Antique Watermarked DSC00211 Watermarked Carla Collage

DSC00839 Border Edit FB DSC00765 Watermarked DSC00761 B&W Watermarked DSC00741 Watermarked DSC00688 Watermarked

DSC00574 Watermarked DSC00508 B&W Watermarked DSC00429 Watermarked

Once Upon a Time…

Behind every photo, there is a story… and the story behind THIS image is a one of the best of my life as a photographer!!!
As many of may know, I recently went on a little trip. While in NYC, at the iconic Grand Central Station (at 1am) we turned to the left, and it was right out of a story book! There stood the most adorable couple smack-dab in the middle of the arch K-I-S-S-I-N-G! And as if it had been commissioned just for me, not another soul in sight! Almost unheard of in Grand Central! I took a couple pics and almost died when I saw the preview in the back of the camera! THEN, my BFF said: “Let me have one of your cards” and took off running down the corridor towards the couple. Kindly, Lindsay (and her mystery guy – sorry I didn’t get your name!!!) gave me permission to use their photo.
But wait, there’s more!!! I was ELATED when, the very next day, I got a message from Lindsay telling me not only was it a special moment, it was the MOST special because it was their FIRST KISS!!! OMG *died again*
So, here you go! So excited to see where this new love leads (and hope maybe I’ll be privileged to capture more of your special moments in the future!!!)

NYC New York Manhattan Photographer Photography Brooklyn The Bronx Queens Photos Photo Pictures Pics Pix Love Kissing Grand Central Station Subway Photography
Grand Central Station NYC © Polka Dot Productions Photography 2013

2013 Spring Mini Sessions ○ Best Of – Round 1

I’ve been in an editing frenzy and managed to finish 5 AWESOME sessions. I couldn’t wait to share some of the results with y’all!!!

DSC00097 Antique Watermarked

dsc00041 B&W Watermarked DSC00155 Watermarked DSC00196  Watermarked DSC00165 Watermarked

DSC00332 Watermarked DSC00447 Watermarked

DSC00004 Watermarked DSC00059 Watermarked DSC00157 Watermarked DSC00209 Watermarked

DSC00104 Watermarked DSC00143 Watermarked DSC00161 Watermarked DSC00208 Watermarked DSC00367 B&W Watermarked

Mary Elizabeth ○ Aiken SC Senior Photographer

From the first smile, I knew I was going to love my time with Mary Elizabeth! She was SO easy to work with! When I asked her to jump, she literally said “how high?”! Add to her beautiful personality that gorgeous face and a photographer’s dream is realized! I think you’ll see why!!! 🙂


Spring 2013 Mini Sessions

What a whirlwind!!! 4 cities (I use the term “city” loosely lol) in 2 days makes for a pooped photographer! But a couple blisters on my feet and *fingers crossed* a few pounds lighter, and we got some incredible shots!!! As usual, however, I was so excited about the sessions I couldn’t wait to process an image (or two) from each one… I think you’ll be pleased with my impatience! 😉

There are too many fantastic stories behind these photos so I’ll sum them all up with this description: A huge bowl of love and happiness with an extra large helping of cute topped with heavy sprinkles of sweet results in the awesomeness to follow… Enjoy!

FYI: You can check out our Facebook for more details on each photo.

I encourage your feedback, so please comment and share! 🙂

DSC00241 Watermarked DSC00054 Watermarked DSC00761 B&W Watermarked DSC00429 Watermarked DSC00058 Watermarked DSC00038 Watermarked DSC00194 Watermarked DSC00094 Watermarked DSC00043 Watermarked DSC00170 Watermarked DSC00504 Watermarked DSC00229 Watermarked  DSC00211 Watermarked DSC00031 Watermarked  DSC00543 Watermarked

4 Seasons of Love

Calling all couples!!!
Thank you, Pinterest, for this awesome inspiration! I am in love with the idea of  “4 Seasons of Love” shoot series for newlywed (or seasoned☺) couples! The basic idea is 4 mini shoots in one year in the same spot, one per season. Then, at the end of the year, you have a 4 photo collage for your wall.

The Specifics:
○ 4 – 30 Minute Sessions in One Year (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn – One Each) in the Same Spot
○ 4 – 11×14 inch High-Quality Prints (or wrapped canvas, for an additional charge) – One Per Season
○ Must Live (or be willing to travel to) Augusta, GA Area
○ Additional Prints Available at a Reduced Cost

Total Cost $525.00

I’d appreciate your feedback! Is this something your would take advantage of?

Patti Josh