1,000 Likes! – Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer

Hey y’all!!! Guess what??? We’ve hit the big time! The Facebook big time, that is! Well, that may be a slight exaggeration. We’re excited just the same! Nowadays, wedding photographers seem to be a dime a dozen! For those of us who are trying to operate a legitimate business (paying taxes, insurance, etc.), it canContinue reading “1,000 Likes! – Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer”

Chances – SC & GA Senior Fashion Photographer

After recently redesigning and reviewing my website I have found a number of sessions that took place before I started blogging! 😦 Chance’s gorgeous face was one of the few that you all missed out on seeing… An unforgivable offense! Fortunately, we can now resolve this! Chances & her family are now serving as volunteerContinue reading “Chances – SC & GA Senior Fashion Photographer”

NYC & The Blonde – Destination Wedding Photographer

A few years ago, at the ripe old age of 28, I dyed my hair for the first time in my life… and maybe the last, lol! Anyway, while I’m naturally a “dirty blonde”, for a brief year, I was a redhead. A friend of mine told me “you can take the blonde out ofContinue reading “NYC & The Blonde – Destination Wedding Photographer”

One Day… GA, SC & Destination Wedding Photographer

One Day… I will book enough weddings & sessions to be able to afford a web designer! I. Hate. Technology! Hit rewind to roughly 14 years ago and I had some “brilliant” idea that I was going to be a Graphic Artist, which involved a good bit of website editing and design. Fortunately for me,Continue reading “One Day… GA, SC & Destination Wedding Photographer”

#ThrowbackThursday – Augusta, GA & Columbia, SC Wedding & Newborn Photographer

Prepare yourself for a lengthy, slightly sappy, mostly postitive post! 🙂 Due to a major blonde moment yesterday, I accidentally deleted ALL photos from my website and blog! What genius move for a photographer, right?!?!? However, WordPress quickly came to my rescue and in less than 24 hours had all my photos restored to theirContinue reading “#ThrowbackThursday – Augusta, GA & Columbia, SC Wedding & Newborn Photographer”

Ashlyn & Tyler – Augusta, GA Wedding Photographer

OH. EM. GEE! #thatmomentwhen… a photographer whose work you’ve been admiring (read: internet stalking) for a while asks you to second shoot – First, after recovering from your *minor* fainting spell, you say YES! Next, you ask what the date is, lol! When the Ah-Mah-Zing Courtney of Sugar Peach Productions offered me the chance toContinue reading “Ashlyn & Tyler – Augusta, GA Wedding Photographer”

C&C – Augusta, GA Wedding Photographer

When I first got a referral from a fellow photographer to photograph a “housewarming party”, I thought it was a little… unique. I was open so I thought “why not?” Little did I know I was walking into one of the sweetest moments of my career as a photographer!!! When I got a response from,Continue reading “C&C – Augusta, GA Wedding Photographer”

Raegan – Lexington, SC Newborn Photographer

This tiny little beauty and her gorgeous family invited me into her world for a day and it was such a pleasure! I have mentioned it before, but I love me some sweet baby newness! Raegan & Crew were no exception! Thanks for letting me capture your brand new cuteness!

Charli – SC Newborn Photographer

“You are you and that is true, there’s no one in the world who’s you-er than you.” ― Dr. Seuss Petite though you may be, we’re so pleased you are you! With your beautiful face and sweet dimples you, Charli, made our world complete! Never have I seen so many grown men turn to mushContinue reading “Charli – SC Newborn Photographer”